Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Arizona Necklace

This is another piece for the site, waiting in the wings. 
If in the meantime you can't wait for the tech-person to work his magic, you could always make your own - this is my kit of the month for September 2010 for my other website, BeadAddict
- I've tried hard to make the instructions as clear as possible - there are written instructions as well as a downloadable PDF file full of step-by-step photos which should take any stress out of things. 
Everyone is creative, even my Mum has been making jewellery recently, and (no offence intended Mum, but I know you'd agree) she'd be the first to say she doesn't know her right hand from her left foot.  
I am considering teaching jewellery making classes again - notice I didn't commit myself. I love teaching, its fun - its a two-way process.  All the things I thought I knew, I can learn over from teaching, which is great.   I don't know, maybe, maybe.

Arizona Necklace; handmade copper and bronze wire circles, a copper key charm, patinated bronze and brass, Turquoise, faux Turquoise, Coral (various colours), Sponge Coral, and lots and lots of wire wrapping and attention to detail. The clasp is to the side, which makes the necklace easy to put on and take off, a lovely eye-catching piece which is light and easy to wear; over time the bright copper will patinate down (darken naturally). Measures approx. 20 inches / 50.5 cm; the pendant element measures approx. 2.75 inches / 7 cm.

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