Sunday, 13 January 2008

Happy New Year - New Creations!

Happy New Year! Today loaded up new bracelets, earrings and necklaces - AND I did a lot of the tech work myself - its incredibly complicated trying to get to grips with codes and photo sizes and I am having to write myself an idiot's guide how to (being the idiot concerned.
Also shown is the jewellery I gave Mum for Christmas and Birthday (her birthday is the 1st of January) - in the first, the focal piece is an enamelled sterling plaque set with a large freshwater pearl cabochon and Amethyst cabochons, with wired faceted Peridot and Amethyst briolettes - the strung portion of the necklace is made from tiny Amethyst briolettes and faceted Iolite rondelles with Swarovski crystal - this took about 14 hours to make as the tiny Amethyst and Iolite beads were difficult to string.