Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Bead and Button Show, Milwaukee 2013

I am currently in Milwaukee, USA, I flew from Manchester to Heathrow (because I just had to fly Virgin) and landed in Chicago, picked up my car and drove up to Milwaukee.  It's 6 hours behind the UK, and it's hot and humid here. It may only be 7.15 pm here, but I have jetlag and I just have to sleep!

Arrived in Chicago last night and got caught in a torrential storm with some of the scariest thunder and lightning I have ever seen. Saw the Old Navy Pier and the 'magnificent mile' before staggering back to the hotel soaked to the skin...and what's more, managed to navigate myself all this way across the world on my very own - so brave! Back in 17 days (or maybe more if the summer doesn't get going properly in the UK!)
My main reason for being here is that at long last I am attending the Bead & Button Show, held annually in Milwaukee, not so much for the beads but for the tuition and I have around 20 classes scheduled over the next two weeks plus with some of the best and most famous jewellery tutors in the world.  Can't wait.  

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Olly Bobs

A quick update on Olly the (now ex) stable cat....he's doing so well - he has been talked down from the top of the kitchen cupboards (well, ok, bribed) and he seems no longer to want to eviscerate anyone which was quite a problem to start with.  

Of course, he had never seen things like a TV before, or a human in a bath (which was of quite a lot of interest), but he soon cottoned on to the sleeping on the velvet chair or on the most coveted spot of all, my bed.  I am absolutely delighted to have Olly as part of the family - he has been very loved at the stables but he now has a forever home, and he is slowly integrating with Mia, Harley and Charlie.