Tuesday, 24 May 2011

New Kits, New Work

I've been working on new kits for BeadAddict recently, I love doing these because they let me create and share - I started writing kits years ago but I've concentrated on them in the past few years because, well, they sell and whilst that is one reason, I love teaching, in fact I'm hoping to get back to one to one and class teaching in the coming months (well, its on the to-do list anyway), and the other reason is that I enjoy the more organised creative process of putting together and writing the instructions for kits.   I've got a pile more in the works (and some of these shown below aren't launched as yet) but I thought I'd show what was coming up on the site.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Maisie Tiara

I made this tiara for Maisie, a lovely little girl who has a pony at my stable-yard...no particular occasion, I just thought she'd look pretty in it - not that she isn't already!  Made with Swarovski crystal, Czech glass and gold-plated wire, her Mum told me she even sleeps in it! 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Welcome Harley

This is Harley, he is my newest baby, who has joined the family - after the awful loss of Blue a couple of weeks ago we had the most terrible cat sized hole in the family and we just decided to adopt someone new - Harley (who was first going to be called Inky-Dinky, then Baby George, then DuCatti then Harvey...) and we ended up with Harley...isn't he just a cutie pie?   Harry-cat thinks he's great but Mia is less impressed, but it takes a lot to impress Mia and it could take several years with her...its lovely to have a complete family once again, and although he'll never replace Blue, he brings happiness back to the house and we are delighted to have him here with us, as with all our feline babies, he will be very very loved....

Sunday, 8 May 2011

How Does My Garden Grow...

This is my pretty boy Harry, enjoying his garden...he has this funny habit of sitting in a planter (the bulbs have long since given up trying to make it up towards sunlight...) - this is his favourite place in the garden right now...and some lovely plants currently gracing the garden....