Tuesday, 10 July 2007


Today returned from a week away with my best friend -- we went to London (yes, right smack in the middle of the heightened security alerts!), we stayed close to the London Museum and had a chance to do pretty much a complete exploration of all the different exhibitions there --- I was very interested in the jewellery that was on display, some wonderful exhibits and I bought a museum book that discusses the history of jewellery over the course of 7000 years - I think I might have taken root for the next 7000 years in front of the jewellery cases had I been allowed to.
We had hoped to find time to go over to Greenwich but that will have to wait for another visit perhaps, but we spent time in Covent Garden, where my friend bought a hand-painted jacket and t-shirt for her daughter and we did lots of window shopping. I visited just about every bead and fabric shop in London found the odd interesting thing that I got straight to work with. My beads and wire travelled with me and any moment I had spare was spent crocheting with sterling or doing bead and wirework....which meant that I was able to come home with a fair amount of work ready to be completed with clasps and other findings.