Thursday, 29 January 2009

Back on the Horse - well, nearly...

Many of you will know that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and how it has ruled my life for about the past 8 years. When I was immobile at the beginning of the illness, I lay in bed thinking I'd never move again. Doing things like making jewellery were a long way from my mind. It started with an ear infection after a walk on a Anglesey beach, and that led to some viral thing ...and eventually I was diagnosed with RA.

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year one and all! I hope the year brings you health, happiness and prosperity - I do realise that the last one - prosperity - seems to be under a cloud of gloom at present, but fingers crossed it won't be as bad as it is painted.
I spent Christmas very quietly with the horse and the cats - with a round of kidney and chest infections - what a good time for the mechanics to break down - when business is quiet!! With the Rheumatoid Arthritis drug I am on, Actemra, my immune system is virtually non existent so the surprise is how long it has taken me to get a bug.
I can rely on Mark's help with Merlin as he is now fully stable trained and has been going out into the frozen wastes when I can't go to the stables though I felt frustrated and bored and missed my horse.

Above: Our 'New Boy', Blue....posing for the camera.......(he loves to sit under the photography lights)

We went out for a stableyard Christmas meal, and had Mark's Mum for Christmas lunch before I went to see my parents...then nothing much else though Mum and Dad came over yesterday because it was Mum's birthday. It was the same day that Merlin turned 12, so he got treats in his feed and extra fussing...(a bit like Mum).
I went Sheffield to visit my youngest brother Jonathan and his wife Anna, along with the rest of the brother Chris and his wife Amanda have two girls, Aimee and Verity; Verity who is four was insisting we all keep quiet while she told us a story...then my Dad got put in the 'naughty corner' for was funny....she is a bossy britches!

The new/used cat 'Blue' has settled in so well - he is lovely, a real sweetie - I wish my cat Cleocatra would think so too - she is soooo territorial!!
For Christmas I got a Sony E-Reader...Mark claims if I buy any more books the studio floor will collapse with the weight (I confess to a serious book addiction) so he thought that I could carry my books on this e-reader contraption....well...really....its just an excuse to buy more books, but now they are 'invisible'! (or at least, till I get the credit card bill...gulp....)
Have a lovely new year.