Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Crocheting Jewellery with Sterling Wire

I have had a bit of a slow period creatively, perhaps because I am spending time and effort thinking about the Swarovski Crystal 2007 competition - I know what I want to make and have been drawing, colouring, making swatches with colours....anyway, nothing done is ever wasted - I started making this piece only to have realised I had in fact wire crocheted a cuff, which was not at all what I started out to make - an interesting thing about working with wire, and in this case with sterling, is that it seems to curve gently all of its own accord - this means the cuff will curl round the wrist

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Crocheted Jewellery

The bracelet I gave to my friend Sharron - copper wire with Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and American-artist-made glass bead as the closure.
Been working on photos for the site for new jewellery - hopefully should have the site updated next week, subject to the technical department doing their bit....there will be some new crocheted pieces too - I have been wearing crocheted jewellery in copper, Swarovski and freshwater pearls - it seems to have a gorgeous fluidity and strength and feels so gorgeous against the skin that I cannot wait to start working with sterling.

Friday, 11 May 2007


A hectic couple of weeks whizzed by - Mark went to France with his Mum for a week whilst the business went haywire work-wise, then I got my own back and left him to it, though I did get an afternoon whilst he was away to drive up to the National Trust property Dunham Massey near Altrincham in Cheshire and enjoy the beautiful gardens - I was very lucky to see the bluebells in full bloom alongside other plants, the place was at its most beautiful as it always is at this time of year, but I was very taken with the bluebells which were breathtaking.

Then visited London and then Birmingham via the Lake District....yes, you can imagine that was quite hectic can't you...whilst Mark was away went to the Lakes with my Mum and Dad for a day over the weekend and had a wonderful day - as always it was so beautiful up there - went to the usual haunts, Ambleside, Windermere, Grasmere (Gingerbread Shop obligatory), climbed up the Bouderstone (ok, I didn't but I enjoyed watching other people do it) and had a scrumptions cream tea in a gorgeous little village called Grange before walking downstream and watching the world go by - a truly perfect, happy day.