Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Crocheting Jewellery with Sterling Wire

I have had a bit of a slow period creatively, perhaps because I am spending time and effort thinking about the Swarovski Crystal 2007 competition - I know what I want to make and have been drawing, colouring, making swatches with colours....anyway, nothing done is ever wasted - I started making this piece only to have realised I had in fact wire crocheted a cuff, which was not at all what I started out to make - an interesting thing about working with wire, and in this case with sterling, is that it seems to curve gently all of its own accord - this means the cuff will curl round the wrist
comfortably - photos below. I have been working on tiaras, wedding jewellery, a number of commissions and pieces ordered from the site, some of which were ordered in multiples. Thank you to all keeping the site going in this way, it is appreciated.

Crocheted cuff made from sterling silver, tiny glass seed beads/rocailles and Swarovski Crystal; the double clasps are magnetic

Above - crocheted copper bracelet made with freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal and a vintage button from Covent Garden in London.