Friday, 11 May 2007


A hectic couple of weeks whizzed by - Mark went to France with his Mum for a week whilst the business went haywire work-wise, then I got my own back and left him to it, though I did get an afternoon whilst he was away to drive up to the National Trust property Dunham Massey near Altrincham in Cheshire and enjoy the beautiful gardens - I was very lucky to see the bluebells in full bloom alongside other plants, the place was at its most beautiful as it always is at this time of year, but I was very taken with the bluebells which were breathtaking.

Then visited London and then Birmingham via the Lake District....yes, you can imagine that was quite hectic can't you...whilst Mark was away went to the Lakes with my Mum and Dad for a day over the weekend and had a wonderful day - as always it was so beautiful up there - went to the usual haunts, Ambleside, Windermere, Grasmere (Gingerbread Shop obligatory), climbed up the Bouderstone (ok, I didn't but I enjoyed watching other people do it) and had a scrumptions cream tea in a gorgeous little village called Grange before walking downstream and watching the world go by - a truly perfect, happy day.

Then I whizzed to London on the train with a friend, spent a couple of days there (whilst she was working) just looking around - unfortunately started with a flare-up with my rheumatoid arthritis which became progressively worse, then headed to Birmingham as we had arranged - went to Stratford upon Avon as we always do, then clubbing in Birmingham before coming home on the Sunday, by which time I was well and truly finished in terms of my arthritis and unfortunately only managed one dance in the nightclub before I had to give up - its lovely to go away but its great to come home for a rest! I have not been idle work-wise though and managed to do some great visual research in London (particularly round Covent Garden, then up to the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham where I purchased more photographic props for the website) and whilst away took an enormous pile of beads and tools etc to work with - its always the way though, as much as I take, I never have the right thing, and I was amused that I drew a crowd when I decided to work for an hour in the reception area of the hotel when I was crocheting a necklace and putting it together....I did contemplate auctioning it but really wanted to wear it that night.....

Anyway, finally got the wire crochet thing sorted out - I did explain to my Mum that my childhood must have been neglected in some way as she failed to teach me to crochet, but I had become fixed on learning to do so, and no, not with thread, but with wire and she tried to teach me over the phone, and between that and messing about with bits of cotton I managed to pick up how to chain now you can expect that all my jewellery will be crocheted and made from chain stitch - I began with copper which of course is the 'metal-du-moment' and managed to find some nice stuff that doesn't tarnish or rub green all over skin (always a plus point) and did a few pieces...ready to progress onto using sterling silver soon.