Wednesday, 25 April 2007

New Jewellery

I have been ordering new beads and componets, books and tools and working on designing new kits for Beadaddict - however I have had time to design new pieces - bracelets and earrings mostly, involving new design kits for Beadaddict - I could not stop making these, and now I have a great pile of them in various colours - I seem to be attracted to blues, greens and bright things and have suddenly taken it into my head that I need to know how to crochet as I feel I could make some nice jewellery using crochet and beads - I am struggling a bit, but am sure trial and error should rectify this.

In the past couple of weeks we had a visit from Swarovski crystal (we are Swarovski crystal retailers for beads on the other site, Beadaddict) and we had the new area Manager and the UK Manager here for tea and biscuits and a lovely afternoon of looking at their new colours and shapes...they also took a look at my jewellery.Above: Latest Kit Designs for BeadAddict - once I started making these, I wanted to make them in all sorts of colours....