Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Atlanta, America

Just returned from Atlanta in the USA - a couple of weeks attending bead shows, looking around bead shops and meeting bead people (so just your average sort of trip away then). The weather was generally awful though I did get sunburnt one day....the rest of the time it was chilly....and one night it even snowed!! (I so wished I had taken my thermal underwear....) I am hoping to return to the States later on in the year to attend another bead show and take some more classes - just seeing other people's work and the way that the other students interpret the same instructions is fascinating - I used to do some teaching and enjoyed it as a way of keeping in touch with other people, but I have not done that for a while.
Whilst away I took a jewellery making class to learn a new technique which involved a piece of wooden dowelling - I will be making some pieces using this wonderful new 'tool' in due course, went driving in the wilds somewhere or another (got hopelessly lost for a while), visited a
fantastic aquarium, went to a butterfly farm and some gorgeous gardens which were in full bloom with spring azaleas....these are some of the  highlights of my travels....