Sunday, 8 August 2010


I'm really pleased with my first nest, seeing as I've never made one before....usually I'd be happy to leave it to the experts (of the avian variety...) but I just had to try for myself.  Made from bronze and copper wire and laid with three beautiful faceted freshwater pearl eggs...the chain is brass as is the clasp.
I took the picture of the summer swallows this evening at the stableyard, I LOVE my new camera (its not so new now, its the one I got at Christmas - I take it everywhere with me.) 
I should have the site updated by the end of the week - had another horrid week just gone, as I got a call from my yard owner Sara at 6 am to tell me Merlin had colic.   It was not a nice day.  Happily, my lovely boy is all well again and I am so grateful to Sara for watching out for him.  Big hugs.

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