Sunday, 9 May 2010

Today's creative effort - Lavender Scones

Today's creative effort was a little different to other days, because today I baked (we'll have a national holiday to mark the day next year, OK?).   Last summer I harvested some lavender from a bush I have had since I was in my teens - the original bush was in my maternal Grandmother's garden and I've created cuttings and nurtured them along at every home I have ever had. 
I love lavender from the way it looks to the insect life it attracts to its gorgeous scent - so last year I made some lavender sugar which is just basically layering lavender with sugar, because I wanted to make scones with it.  
Well, today I opened the jar - and oh wow, what a lovely smell - I'll get loads out of this old coffee jar because each 8oz of flour only needs 20oz (50g) of sugar - I wasn't sure whether to actually throw the lavender in as well but in the end I thought what the heck, and did it anyway.   Oh honeys, these are gorgeous.   They are so scented and delicious!   And because Mark doesn't like 'weird' food as he'd put it, I made some cranberry and honey ones (those are the darker ones in the pic - I think the honey makes them a bit more sensitive to the oven) and then I went a bit mad and made some more with Cheshire cheese.    Try using lavender in your scones - you'll love it!

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