Sunday, 30 May 2010

A change of home...

This week saw an extremely stressful departure of my horse and myself from our stableyard-home of seven years under difficult circumstances.  
Happily, we have landed in a good place and Merlin now has lots of grass, a huge stable and a relaxed routine so we are settling nicely - he loves the enormous new stable - yesterday he was stretched out and still snoozing at 11.30 am - I spent ten minutes with his head in my lap - he looked at me and gave out a great sigh, which I interpreted as bliss; he settles fine in new places so long as he doesn't feel abandoned - happiness is having a safe, contented horse.  

Just as a little icing on the cake, our new yard has cats rather than dogs and Merlin loves his new feline friends....

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  1. I love horses. Too bad my husband and daughter are both allergic. They are truly gentle souls. Love the photo of Merlin and the cat.


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