Saturday, 29 January 2011

You Just Wouldn't Believe It.....

I write currently from Arizona, where I landed this morning after a harrowing journey from Manchester through Philadelphia and on to Phoenix, where I picked up a car and drove to Sedona.  The flights should have taken around 13 hours, instead it took over 28 hours.  You can imagine.  Firstly flights were delayed due to poor weather on the east coast of the States, so the plane was late in taking off.  Very late. But fair enough. 
So we missed our connecting flight and were put on a later one.  

Then when we got into Philadelphia after a flight from hell with an indifferent aircrew who basically gave the impression it was their last week in the job (we can only hope) we had the always lovely experience of standing in line waiting to be admitted to the US.  This became somewhat tedious when the immigration computers crashed and we waited around an hour and a half for it to be fixed.  At the two hour point we'd missed another flight.   When at long last the immigration computer problem was resolved by letting people in manually, the old fashioned way, we'd missed another flight. 

We went to reschedule to be told the next flight was in six hours at which point I burst into tears and had a tantrum which was made a lot better by a US Airways "Customer Service" person shouting at me which made me cry more - I hope it made her day, because it sure made mine. 

I had another flight of over seven hours ahead to cross the States.   Eventually I arrived in Phoenix and was faced with a three hour drive up to Sedona in pitch blackness in an unfamiliar car.  I nearly left the road a number of times due to complete exhaustion.  At no point did I ever hear the word 'sorry' or anything approaching it from anyone responsible for this.  And I'll never fly US Air again once I get home (and I am hoping I will), who really made the whole experience really special. If I ran my business this way I'd be out of work in a week. 

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