Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sedona 1

Sedona, Arizona, is where I find myself today, writing from one of the most beautiful places on earth where today there is warmth and lovely blue, blue skies without a cloud anywhere - quite a change from the cold and rain I've left behind in the UK - though I know this won't last long as my travels progress! 
If you've never visited Arizona, and if you'e never had the pleasure of the town of Sedona, you've missed something special - this is a town I pass through whenever I can, not only for its beautiful views, lovely people but also its sense of serenity and peace.   I am staying in the Best Western Arroyo Roble Hotel - it's a great hotel at a fab price - lovely and clean, amazing views, great breakfast included - a pool and gym, the hotel exceeded expectations.   (I always book my hotels on the recommendation of the Trip Advisor website).

After the trauma of getting here, the peace and rest were truly needed.  Sedona is amazing in many ways, but the colour of the skies and the red of the rocks (caused by iron ore) are two of its particular attractions - the previous times I had been here I hadn't been able to visit this interesting church with a fabulous view, seemingly constructed right out of the rocks but I took the walk up to the top of the mountain huffing and puffing and arriving almost as red as the rocks. 
I didn't feel I could take pictures inside, but it is an amazing building, the walls inside are just sheer sheets of smooth stone which must rise up maybe 60 feet or so, and the roof slopes backwards; inside there are simple benches and a clear glass window intersected by the structural cross at the front of the building - its simplicity is beautiful, and although I don't consider myself religious, it would be hard not to be moved by something so simple yet impressive. 

Towards the evening, I passed the same place (though decided not to climb that hill again!) and was fascinated by the change in the light and the sky...

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