Monday, 31 January 2011

Up Into the Hills, Many Miles Away...

Today's journey almost seems to have been endless - the Sat.Nav. claimed it would take 4 hours, but my SatNav in the UK also tells lies, so I don't know why I'd believe its American cousin any more.   And this SatNav has the most appalling diction. 
Anyway, here we are listening to a book on tape (Sebastian Faulks' Devil May Care), through endless miles of flat grassland sprinkled with snow and the occasional road sign which seems to have fallen victim to a crazed gunman or two.   We wish we'd taken the bullet-proof option now.

I'm ashamed to say there are at least three mega photo opportunities I haven't taken up which will stick in my mind for ever because I was just too darn tired to get out of the car and click the button on the camera.  
This is one example of pure laziness mitigated by complete and utter exhaustion -decided we'd go to the Petrified Forest to see the trees that had turned to stone.  Got to the gates.  Knackered.  Took a photo.  Left.  Shamed.  Sorry.
But its nearly the end of the day, and finally we're at our next hotel where we fall through the gates in complete and utter relief.  I really should try and remember that the States are bigger than the UK. 

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