Sunday, 26 September 2010

Textile Cuff Bracelets

These textile cuff bracelets were made whilst  working on new ribbon scarves (because there's nothing quite like being distracted to stop all work on the thing you were supposed to be doing....)

I am a complete and utter hoarder of lace and ribbon which has left me with a great pile of stuff; also my mother in law Simone gave me some fab French vintage lace a while back some of which she decided was over 80 years old (she is French and over 80 years old herself).  These cuffs are worked with vintage, antique and contemporary textiles and each one is a labour of love.
These are currently for sale in my Etsy shop, click on the Etsy link to side of this post to go there.

This is 'Giverny Textile Cuff' with vintage beaded trim, velvet, lace and collected threads and fibres from around the world and across time... 

La Vie En Rose Textile Cuff...I love the antique rose colours of this one - vintage lace, gold thread, antique lace, velvet, grosgrain, vintage beaded trim, organza, silk, satin and ombre ribbons with collected threads and fibres from around the world.
 St Tropez Textile Cuff Bracelet - With vintage organza rose trim, contemporary bead trim, silk, satin, organza, wool, velvet, antique lace collected both in England and France; this is a lovely rich chocolately-gold cuff with some pretty gold lace, organza ribbons and vintage beaded trim. 

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  1. Hmmm, I don't think I've ever seen this type of "cuff" before. Very interesting - they must keep your wrist warm. About the tail [earlier blog], not for me. I have enough body parts.


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