Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Coral Anniversary

The 35th Wedding Anniversary is Coral, and I've recently been commissioned to make some earrings in celebration of this event by a regular client of mine, Jonathan.   I can spill the beans now because I know that "Mrs. Jonathan" has been given her earrings and I wanted to share the three options I made - when I work to a commission I usually make two or three different pieces so the customer has a choice - I don't like having a choice of one, why should my customers? - I give them their choice and hope they'll like something enough to want to buy it; to be honest I'm never a fan of someone telling me they like something but can they have this and that and the other differently because somehow it makes my artistic muse grumpy, but I love having someone say 'I want coral and gold in earrings' and leave me to it, now that's giving me some artistic licence - Jonathan had wanted a copy of a pair of coral and freshwater pearls I did a few years ago but of course creativity moves on and I wanted something more beautiful, more delicate and pretty for Mrs. J.   Anyway, Mrs. J, happy anniversary.   Shown below are the earrings that were chosen - this was vintage coral
(around 35 years old) with pretty white and antique rose freshwater pearls on sterling silver.   I have the same earrings on sale in my Etsy shop - just click on the photos to go to the listing.

Click on any of the photos to go to the Etsy Listing.

I'd not worked with my coral for some time and remembered I had bought some utterly (and hugely expensive) amazing red Italian coral branches a few years back - these were so expensive I had to hide them away for a while!   I've been trying to restore order to the chaos commonly known as my studio recently so I've been lucky enough to unearth some hidden treasures, this gorgeous coral amongst other things, one of the other things being some fabulous huge clear pebble type beads of Rock Crystal so I whipped together a mega-sized bracelet.  This is heavy, heavy, but it feels soooo good against your skin that you don't mind too much, and in any case, with all the wind and wild autumnal weather we've had recenly its good to have something to anchor us into place....

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