Monday, 19 April 2010

The Ultimate Traveller

Some cats like to roam and others like to travel the world, like Charles the tabby, who went on a 1300 mile adventure.

Charles, who lives in New Mexico, USA, made the astonishing journey to Chicago when his owner Robin  had to go away to work, and left him in the care of a friend.
She said: "I found out (he had wandered away) while I was away volunteering. I was so upset because I was in New Orleans and there was nothing I could do."
Luckily for Charles, he had been fitted with a microchip, so the rescue shelter in Chicago traced him to his human - eight months after he went missing.
Not content with being a four footed wanderer he's on his way home via American Airlines who are giving him a free flight home (presumably he'll not be grounded by ash like us!).
The rescue shelter's director said: "He's in good condition though needs a good brush, he's got a bit of  an upper respiratory infection but otherwise he's fine."
His owner Robin said she had no idea how he could have made the journey to Chicago. "I've moved around a lot. It seems destined that my cat would also be a traveller."

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