Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Foaling Around...

You have to love this this little chap, who was born on my stableyard less than a week ago - he's all legs and cuteness.   He was a big surprise as his Mama, Velvet arrived on the yard already expecting him but no-one knew until two months or so ago (a horse pregnancy is around 11 months).
He's fascinating to all the other horses on the stableyard - my Merlin can't stop staring - the first time he saw him he shook all over for several minutes which is weird because my boy is King of the Herd - maybe he thought someone would try and pin it on him and come after him for child maintenance! 
This little baby hasn't got a name yet (I suggested calling him 'BOGOF' - Buy One, Get One Free), but he is already loved to bits. 

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