Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Sneak Peek....

Shown are a couple of pieces of work for the website - both lariats, I've been doing a lot of
these recently for commissions - they are so versatile - I've kept within the neutrals range in my Jabulani fairtrade South African beaded beads, adding Swarovski crystal and sterling silver to both - they are strung on satin cord, unromantically called 'rat-tail' which has a  silky feel - I've worn similar lariats and people have been attracted to them like magpies!!  These will be up on the site in the next revision which will hopefully be in the next 7-10 days.

I've been trying so, so hard with my photography!!  Since I got my Christmas camera I've been working on improving it - feedback I've had from customers is whilst the photos show the piece, they somehow often just don't 'capture' it(well, you should have been around 10 years ago when all this started for comparison!!) but I know what everyone means, especially with pieces that are mainly clear/aurora borealis Swarovski and silver, they are a nightmare to get right - it seems to be something to do with the white balance of the camera and the flatness of the paper versus the shine of the crystal, but its in progress and I can only say I'll keep trying to make them better!   If you're interested in any of these pieces before they go on the site, just let me know.

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