Sunday, 21 March 2010

Cirque du Soleil

If ever you were in need of a dose of inspiration, of colour, energy and excitement, Cirque du Soleil would fit the bill.   I saw one of their shows several years ago and it filled me with creativity for months and months afterwards.  Last night I was lucky enough to see 'Varekai' at the Trafford Centre in Manchester - wow.   The colours, the movement and the utter vibrancy of the show would be enough to inspire anyone.   The show finishes at this location in the next few days, so if you do
get the chance to see Cirque du Soleil, its not an option, its one of those life experiences (like swimming with dolphins) you must not miss under any circumstances.

The colours completely take your breath away - I spent ages examining the costumes, the shapes, the creativity that has gone into everything associated with the show - the music is enchanting, the movement mesmerising - there was one scene which depicts fishes and exotic sea creatures which is almost more than the eye can take - at certain points I'd have loved to have frozen the action and taken a look around, because as always with Cirque du Soleil there is more taking place than the human mind can take in. 

If you get a chance, this is not to be missed.  Its creative food for the soul. 

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