Tuesday, 16 March 2010

How I Felt

OK, missing in action again...but I promise there are things happening.  Firstly, you know when you get overwhelmed with so much needing doing that you do none of it?  Well, yep, that's the way it feels like...I'm working through a big list of stuff following the trade fairs, the purchases of tons of new stock, all the new jewellery I've made and the

fresh vintage jewellery I have to put on the site - so what happens is that you start a task then hop on to another then do something else, and what that means is that nothing actually gets finished.   So...baby steps...I'm trying to get something done and finished at least every other day - sort of a resolution.  
In the middle of this, I've been incredibly distracted by starting down a new creative avenue - FELTING --- aaargh, its wonderful - initially I wanted to make some felt beads - well, I did that, though hah, that's not really that inspiring unless I spend ages on them and decorate them which was what I was going to do, but then, hey, life's too short... we've just had Mother's Day and I wanted to make my Mummy and Mark's Mum a scarf or shawl...so I bought the wool, the soap, the books - my favourite is Complete Feltmaking: Easy Techniques and 25 Great Projects by Gillian Harris, spent ages on the internet looking up 'how to's' and then took the plunge - well, what a deep learning curve - and of course I HAD to start with what the author of the book described as an advanced project despite Mark's predictions of impending doom and despair I did so...don't you just LOVE a challenge?   

So here are my first ones - both took around 7 hours to make and are a combination of Shetland and Merino wools (though it seems that I'd get easier results just using Merino, but again, who wanted to make life easy when we could get prettier?), and I was fairly pleased with it though I have tons of learning to do.   More to follow I am sure!!!

Summer Roses - My First Felted Scarf (my first felted anything, for that matter....)

Below - Provencal Lavender Felted Scarf...

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