Thursday, 29 October 2009

Like A Horse, But Not A Horse...So What's The Point??

As a horse owner, I find this product quite hilarious...

this, people, is the I-Joy Ride. Apparently it "tone(s) up your abs, inner thighs and buttocks...using up to the minute technology, it gives you all the associated benefits of horse riding within the comfort of your home."
Now, frankly, we have to ask the question 'why' and I'll say it again 'why oh why?' - I get
the whole exercise and gym thing, I used to do all that sort of thing myself but frankly doesn't this look like the laziest-arse way of trying to get fit?  You get to sit down and ride the thing and apparently it sorts out all your flabby bits.   Pah.  Get some real gym equipment, but don't sit there on this thing and pretend to get fit.

According to the seller's blurb "It emulates the experience with an adjustable three way motion control that challenges and works your core muscle groups (what, it doesn't gallop off with you sideways into cars?  Hah, this is for babies!). You can further enhance your workout with a set of specially designed exercises and decide on the intensity by selecting one of four speeds (like...walk...whoa...whoaaaaaa....aaaaaaaaagh????)."

If you want to get fit by riding a horse, then ride a horse, not a machine.  You'll get so much more out of it...mucking out, catching your horse in a dark rug on a dark night in a dark field, holes in your boots, being rained on so hard that your underwear gets soaked (no, I don't run around in my bra like I ended up doing at JFK, I usually wear clothes on top of my undies thank you) and my all time favourite, sinking up to my kneecaps in mud on occasion. 

Mmmm...on the other hand, this one doesn't need feeding or grooming and it doesn't jump into a hedge when it sees a plastic bag.   It doesn't step on your feet 'accidentally' and it doesn't eat up all your money every month.  You can ride it in front of the tv, and you can eat pizza whilst doing it.

Now, having read all that, which would you prefer, a real one, or a machine?

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