Saturday, 24 October 2009

Did I Ever Mention?

Having had some feedback from a few customers after they received their jewellery purchases, I realised I hadn't previously mentioned the bags and wrapping I use for your purchases...beautiful slk-embroidered pouches and bags which do double duty as they are either mobile phone pouches, jewellery rolls or drawstring bags. When I do a 'giveaway' offer I wrap in tissue with an organza drawstring bag.

I am fortunate many of my customers come back for more, and I've always been in the habit of periodically saying 'thank you' by sending a little something extra , well, I suppose its no use not mentioning it!

Recently I decided to periodically offer a publicised freebie which is open to anyone making a qualifying purchase and of course there is the packaging too; I hope when you open your envelope you'll not only be happy with the item you purchased, but the gorgeous packaging or perhaps a free gift from time to time makes the process a special one for you - it's my way of saying thank you!