Monday, 12 October 2009

Adventures of The New Fur Baby

Mia is settling in well, she loves to snuggle up next to me in bed, which will be handy in the wintertime if we have no electricity when the entire nation goes on strike.  
She's already become quite famous as she managed to have the entire neighbourhood out looking for her one evening after she went missing the first time she was allowed out - I turned my back and she was off - and at first I didn't think much about it, but as time went on, I started to wonder, which was upgraded to a fret, then hit a full blown frenzied worry when she didn't return after an hour - she's microchipped and collared, but I still worried myself into a state....I imagined having to ring up the cat sanctuary and tell them one of their babies had gone missing, so I frantically ran round to each of the neighbours asking them to look in their gardens and garages - having to explain the situation in detail every time a door was opened which cut into search time alarmingly.   We did get so see some nice gardens though.  
I was back in our own garden near enough in tears calling out 'Mia, come Mia' (which sounds alarmingly like 'come-ere' I realised), Mark was a couple of gardens away with a neigbour when she burst over the top of the fence and looked at me as if butter wouldn't melt - just that cat look 'what?????'.   I was so relieved I wasn't even able to tell her off.   She's still timid, doesn't like to be picked up and is especially like this with men, which makes me wonder if she's had a bad experience with one in the past (hey, haven't we all??)
Her opinion was not improved a day or so later when I called her inside from the garden only to hear plaintive meows from a bush.   I investigated and from what my ears were telling me, she was up a tree, and her meows told me she was stuck.   I called Mark from inside the house, and of course, this became a 'man's job' - I looked it up on the internet - rescuing cats from trees is definitely men's work.
He climbed the six foot high wooden fence at the bottom of the garden, half way up a neighbours' tree with nothing really to hang onto, then tried to prise the cat out of the tree - there was a lot of hissing and wailing (mostly on Mark's part) before the both of them more or less fell out of the tree and back into the garden, Mark having lost a shoe on the neighbour's side of the fence, which was going to need some explaining at some point.....   She didn't seem at all grateful. 
So far, in less than two weeks she's created more fuss than Cleo ever did in eleven years.  Apparently I have adopted a little bugger.  

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