Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mia, Harry and Harley

Well, I've been tending to three poorly pussycats this past week - Mia started with calicivirus, shortly followed by Harley and now by Harry - imagine a bad dose of flu - the worst you've ever had, and you're close to how they've been feeling.   The boys seem to have recovered much faster than Mia who is a little delicate girl who had a terrible hard life before she came to us.   So, its been feline painkillers and warm spots for them to sleep in, and for once they have all enjoyed being wrapped up in old towels and snuggled up all warm - not that I blame them with all this cold weather.

I drove down to Birmingham to see some of my suppliers - I like Birmingham very much anyway, and know it much better than I do Manchester, though the weather was not good and I drove back in a horrible scary fog on the motorway; ever since a petrol tanker drove over the side of my car several years ago I've been a bit of a scary mary with big vehicles next to the drivers side of my car; somehow it just scares me to death, which is a shame becuase other than that I am a brave driver.

I've just taken delivery of some fab new silver components and some gorgeous delicate blue zircon drops in a swiss blue topaz colour which I can't wait to use, and having horrid weather outside makes me want to be cozy and creative inside.   Sooo...off to work and back to nursing the kitty cats, I am sure they will be up and about causing havoc again soon!

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