Monday, 30 January 2012

Mia-Cat, and More New Stuff...

I thought I'd do a new post about more new work to find Blogger have changed everything around in terms of posting so - um - aaaaargh, I hope I don't make a total mess of this.  

Anyyywayyyy...I'm just endlesly editing photos right now both for the website and my Etsy shop, and I am sitting with my pussycat Mia who seems quite unwell tonight - she has a chest infection, Mark took her to the vets for her annual check-up and injections and the vet said she needed antibiotics, but I've been giving them to her (its only me who can do this, because she's a very sensitive girl) and tonight, she really does not seem well at all - I am taking her back to the vets tomorrow morning.   She's limping quite badly and is very grumpy and I am wondering if she has a dose of feline calicivirus because Bailey, who we lost to an accident at christmas, was a carrier, and although we had done everything we could to try and isolate him whilst he was infectious (weeks and weeks of him being at Mark's Mum's house), it seems the main cat family still got it in the end - I had not noticed Mia showing any signs though, but she is really not herself tonight, so I am going to sit up with her a while and take care of her. 

In any case, I will update the blog tomorrow about what happens, but in the meantime, here is some new jewellery, shortly to go on the site...

These little 'Gifted' earrings have been so popular, I made some more..

 Earrings made using my new Murano glass in a beautiful deep shade of purple...

Again, these beads above are the only ones I have left of these - gemstone inlaid beads with sterling silver, the earrings also feature Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise - they remind me so much of much of the jewellery I saw in Arizona.

Gorgeous Zircon hearts, from my trip to Arizona last year...this is a rare and beautiful colour.


 I'm having a bit of a love affair with my Murano glass cubes right now, which to be honest, I have been hoarding for years...then I thought - hmmm, what am I actually saving these for?   So I made some jewellery with them, which is very liberating suddenly!

This beautiful sterling silver enamelled bead came from a trip to Minnesota several years ago - again, something I have been hoarding for no other good reason other than it's the only one I have - now a pretty necklace in sterling silver and Swarovski crystal.

Murano glass heart pendants - simple, beautiful, practical and gorgeous.

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