Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The story of the cat and the mouse at two in the morning..

Clearly, Harley cat is feeling better....because I have just woken up to a nightmare scenario (at least for one of the parties, a mouse) where Harley cat was encouraging his new friend to do acrobatics for his Mummy on her bed.  I woke up Harley feeling better then?  Only to have this confirmed by his having caught me a live present and bringing it to me to play with.   Sadly, by the time I had gained control of the situation, I had a dead mouse and a still very very excited cat.   Dealt with the mouse, spoke to the cat, reminded him I am a vegetarian, changed the bed, hoovered the carpet - lots of groaning from the other occupants of the house, explained the severity of the situation.  Nodded.  Quite normal.  Back to bed.

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