Saturday, 5 March 2011

Harry Helps Out...

Harry (A.K.A. 'Harry the Bugger') likes to stop us working in any way he can.   He likes to lie in front of the photography lights.  He likes to play with the beads.  He likes to lie in the packing baskets.  He likes to lie on top of the laptop.  His favourite activities are watching TV, biting, sleeping, eating, climbing up the chimney and generally getting in your face.   But I still love him.

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  1. heh heh! I have a mischeif maker the same as Harry! WOuldn;t cahnge her for the world though - lightens up my life every single day she gets in my face! *lol*
    Love the pictures - will never get annoyed with cat pictures. You should open up a blog for him and his adventures


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