Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Blue Man Group, New York

Just come back from seeing the Blue Man Group at the Astor Place Theatre - laughed until I nearly died.  

I chose this rather than something more serious because frankly, sometimes you just need a damn good laugh - and although I began by thinking 'well, this aint this funny' in the end I just was rolling around laughing - I wasn't expecting to see the amount of audience particicipation that there was, and those who (involuntarily) were involved were really good sports about it -- the show was an orchestrated series of chaotic events - paint spraying everywhere, rolls of toilet paper all over the theatre, I cannot tell you --- it was just one of the maddest evenings I've had in ages - it was like being seven again, and all this hysterically childish stuff happened but in the end, you just could not help being totally engaged with it - if you do get the chance, go and see the show, it can't help but make you happy.

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