Sunday, 10 January 2010

The most snow I have ever seen in my entire life....

Just look at the snow on my tree!!  I bought the house because of this tree (ok, the studio was pretty cool too...)
New Car with snow optional extras!!!!!  So much better when they start, aren't they?

  Below - Spot the offending snowman...bah, humbug.....(clue - left hand side, large white thing...)
Its rare to see snow in these quantities in Britain, but around these parts (Cheshire/Manchester) its actually even rarer to see snow that stays on the ground - I cannot ever remember seeing so much - I just watched in astonishment as it came down, and down and down - and everyone was out building snowmen...someone down the road made a twelve foot high one and decorated it with bricks, which really wasn't the brightest of ideas (saw them taking the bricks out rather sheepishly later - he probably heard me ranting to Mark about taking him to court if the bricks fell out on my car!)...but it was like a huge adventure...driving was perilous (and yes - this is a photo of my NEW car!) but everywhere people were wrapped up warmly and despite the entire population of Sale driving around like snails, people were courteous, people were nice, and I even saw some unsolicited hey, snow, snow and snow some more!!

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