Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Lead Crystal Jewellery and Children

Today I put new Vintage items, Necklace, Earrings and Bracelets onto the site - the complimentary necklace offer for purchases over £50 has been popular.
I've got some new sections lined up which should come online soon - even if for a while they are going to be empty spaces whilst I work on stock - I've started work on one the children's jewellery section - well, ok, when I say children I think the jewellery is going to appeal to girls rather than the other variety of children, and its been great fun making some cute pieces.
I have recently become aware of legislation which has come out of California - with the potential of sales all over the world via website, this relates to the sale of jewellery, specifically children's jewellery, and providing customers from California with a warning that some components may contain lead.
I use lots of Swarovski crystal which is lead crystal. A component of Swarovski is lead (being a component of lead crystal); I understand though this legislation is aimed at jewellery that is made for children of six and under, because children of such ages tend to suck their jewellery. I need to make any potential customers in California aware that my jewellery, where it contains Swarovski crystal, will also contain lead (crystal); I understand that the legislation was aimed specifically at low-end jewellery - perhaps the type sold from vending machines etc which is more likely to contain significant elements of lead than higher end jewellery, though it must be pointed out that as mentioned above, Swarovski is included in this too. I also mention this in the glossary section under 'Swarovski' so hopefully this will suffice and cover me with any California resident purchases!! (No, I have not moved, I am still in Cheshire in the UK, but this is the 'World Wide Web' after all!)