Thursday, 29 November 2007

Christmas Jewellery Freebie 2007

How time flies; its that time of year again where we all go into warp drive panic; I think 'bah, humbug', I am going to ignore Christmas this year (I am usually the worlds most conscientious gift-purchaser-giver in the world) but I was sucked into the whole thing when I went shopping today, only to find that the world, his wife and their dog were out fighting over tinsel already - maybe I will just pull the bed covers over my head for the next month or so...

My last entry mentioned I was hoping to be allowed to have but I am keeping quiet about exactly what right now because I don't want to be pinned down oe a new drug for my Rheumatoid Arthritis - I have been told I might be able to have it in the first few months of next year - I need to stabilise on another drug first and then if that is OK I go to the new drug - I know of people who have had wonderful results with this so I am thinking positively.
I have been working on commissions, new items for the site, and doing background work on the site once again - planning various new sections.
I'm offering a complimentary necklace to anyone who spends £50 and over (excluding post and packing) on any items on the jewelllery site from orders placed from today's date (28th November 2007) until midnight on December the 31st 2007- this includes the vintage section; the photos are of the necklaces I am offering.  These are a combination of Venetian glass, Karen silver, Swarovski crystal, silk cord and sterling silver - and it may just save you having to purchase another gift - or - radical idea - wear it yourself! I will be sending out an e-mail to everyone on the mailing list in the next couple of days with this offer, though it applies to everyone who qualifies, not only people on the mailing list.

Above are photos of a recent commission - a customer asked me to design a necklace to match a pair of earrings she had purchased so I made her a choice of four, all shown piled up on each other here just for total overload effect.

I've been battling a bug that left me feeling as if I had lost the will to live - it was so bad I did not even pick up a bead, a pair of pliers or a hammer, and worse still, I completely and utterly could have done without having to do stable chores - everyone is so nice down at the yard and and they would willingly have helped out, but I could not do without my daily dose of horse-ness even with a bug so I was down there more out of it than present - I'd have missed all the joys like wading through the mud up to my knees to catch him, or coming in from the field with just his eyes and hooves showing (because everything else is covered in mud); or swimming through the fog looking for a dark horse on a dark night in a dark rug (in the mud) - what more could one possibly ask for - its bliss!!! (Er - that is not really true, I am NOT totally barking you know....) (and anyway, the bug seems to have gone now).

"The artist is a receptacle for emtions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web": Pablo Picasso