Monday, 24 October 2011


Ohhh, butter wouldn't melt in MY mouth...

You remember we adopted Bailey several months and we love him dearly, as you can see from the pic he's spoiled and loved, and what we just cannot understand is why he keeps wandering off from home to find new adventures - this weekend was a case in point where I nearly went mad because he went missing for 2 nights and a day and was eventually found two and a half miles away from home, because some kind soul read the tag on his collar and rang me.

Mark had gone away for the weekend and for all intents and purposes, Bailey decided to do the same thing - it was several hours before I started to worry and then I worried and worried and worried and wandered the streets, bothering the neighbours, driving round and round the neighbourhood, looking for this cat all to no avail; when eventually I confessed to Mark I had lost the cat I was frantic and in tears, convinced something terible had happened to Bailey, only relieved more than 24 hours later after the call from the good samaritan the other side of town - I confess to bursting into tears from relief as soon as I buried my face in his fur (that would be the cat's fur, not the person who called me!).  

I cannot imagine how he managed to navigate over several main roads, over a park and into a housing estate all that way away, but right now we are looking into a GPS collar for him in an attempt to locate him when he goes on his next holiday - in the meantime, he's sleeping his adventure off, sore paws and all....

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