Friday, 19 February 2010

Necklace Commission

I just finished this necklace as a commission - with a Vermeil wirework heart, gold-filled wire, chain and fittings, Vermeil beads and beadcaps and lots of Swarovski crystal; I've used some chunkier beads in this piece which glitter beautifully. 
This was another one which was almost impossible to photograph - it's lovely and swishy, moving with the wearer and it looks great against a plain sweater - after finishing the commission, I was so envious I made one for myself before attending a trade fair and it was a great conversation starter - whenever I go to these fairs I make a point of looking what other people are wearing, but whilst I LOVE making jewellery, I rarely wear it, which is to do with constantly being round my horse and being worried about it becoming tangled up on him or hurting him - eventually you can get out of the habit of wearing jewellery but when I tell people what I do for a job, they usually ask why I am not wearning any, which is a fair point I guess - I explain to people about my 'chocolate shop' theory - I think that if you worked in a chocolate shop, there would come a point where you'd stop guzzling it...(well, maybe not for a long time, but I think you'd probably HAVE to stop eventually....) - (well, ok, I'm probably wrong there, it WOULD be hard to have too much chocolate...) - for me, it is like this with jewellery, I spend most of my days dressed in jodpurs (riding trousers) and long jumpers and don't have pierced ears; I love to be surrounded by jewellery but like the wearing of make-up, which I also rarely do, you just get out of the habit; I have found the most pleasureable aspect of jewellery making to be watching other people wearing jewellery I've made for them, it never ceases to amaze me (and make me happy) that people wear and enjoy what I've made.

I do love this one though, glad I made myself one and I'll make a point of wearing it lots and lots.

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