Friday, 4 September 2009

My Pussycat Cleo is Very Ill

It seems that it is 'Pet Trials and Tribulations' year because my lovely little pussycat Cleo is very ill - current thinking is that she has a heart problem and she has given up eating and is very unwell indeed - she is on a regular drug regime and we are having to force feed her several times a day which sounds dreadful but I guess its better than her starving to death - Cleo is the nearest I will ever get to having a child of my own, and this little cat is my constant companion, she sleeps on her own chair to keep me company in the studio when I work, wherever I am, she is, we snuggle up at night together and she always gives me love and cuddles when I am not well so seeing her this way - and she is only 11, is very very upsetting...its breaking my heart that I cannot seem to do anything for her and she seems to be so sick - she has been coming to me recently and making a special point of sitting on my knee and giving me a lot of love.  I sort of deep down know what she is saying, and I just don't want to hear it, I just want to make her better so we can have another 11 years together.