Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Free Bracelet with Purchase from SLC Designs
Few artists can afford artistic temperament. (Mason Cooley)

Above - July 09 Freebie Bracelet - Free with Purchase over £65.00 (excluding postage and packing) - offer open until 22nd August 2009.
been busy, busy and more busy...I have loads of photos stored of things I have been working on and doing in the past several months, but hey, I never did anything with them for the journal - the site of course has had several revisions during that time - I expanded the website with the new 'Scarves' section - I hope you'll enjoy looking at those, opened lots of new pages on the vintage section - please take a look because I've got some great stuff on there right now.

Above: Win this Matching Necklace - Every time you purchase something from SLC Designs, regardless of value until the 22nd August, you'll be entered into a draw to win this necklace - the winner will be announced on the 23rd August 2009.