Friday, 17 July 2009

Horses, Bracelets and Lemon Meringue Pie....

Merlin and I have made great progress!! We did lots and lots of work together and I'm glad to say we have been getting out and about together on some lovely hacks out in the countryside...this is such a wonderful thing for both of us, with my not having been able to ride him for the last five years or so because of my rheumatoid arthritis - the RA trial drug is going very well and this has meant I've been able to get back in the saddle. Unfortunately however Merlin and I had an accident about ten days ago and he hurt himself badly - he was in hospital for five days and he is now back at his home stables getting the best of care - he's fractured a small bone in one of his legs which actually sounds worse than it is, but the poor sweetie was in a bad way for a few days - given time and rest he will be as good as new so its
just a case of looking after him; I have written to the local authority who are responsible for the bridge and am hoping in due course that the design will be altered.
My friend Lisa from the stableyard is getting married in a couple of weeks, I've made her tiara and jewellery but I'm not allowed to say anything more until after the big day...

I started baking once a week, having got out of the habit a long while ago...that has sort of dropped off a bit recently, because the main drawback of baking yummy stuff is that you end up eating that yummy stuff...and when your horse says 'oooof' when you get on his back, you know its time to stop baking.

This is my lemon meringue pie - and this is the recipe;

On the Beadaddict site, we have been lucky enough to secure a sole distributorship for some fairtrade beaded beads made by Zulu people in South Africa - I met the owner of this company when I was at a trade fair in London last year, and was immediately attracted to the beautiful things she had on offer - at the time she didn't produce the beads as stand-alone products but we launched the product on this basis over here and its been going really well - this of course means that I get to work with some of these gorgeous beads, so when you see these in jewellery on the site, you'll now know what I am working with!

Above and Below - jewellery made with fairtrade Jabulani Zulu Beads

Lastly but certainly not least, I'd like to thank all the lovely, loyal customers I have....I know times are hard for everyone, and so I wanted you all to know how much I appreciate your keeping the site busy, and keeping me out of trouble - every order is appreciated very very much - you are all so sweet, and I appreciate your sticking with me.
Big kisses xx