Monday, 5 September 2011

Vibrant Street Market in Florence

Thought you might like to see these pics of a fabulous street market I stumbled across this evening - how amazing is this place?  I wish I had something like this at home - everything was so tempting - in the end I succumbed to some lovely handmade soap and some olive wood salad spoons, though I could have gone on and on buying the amazing stuff on offer - however, the 'Jet2' luggage allowance dissuaded me...I'd hate to have to leave anything behind!

Everything was handmade/grown at home or as a small business and from plants to hand knitted clothes, olives to carvings, jewellery to handbags, you name it you could pretty much get anything you might want from this place - hardly anyone spoke English and I don't speak Italian, so we managed by the universal sign language of writing prices on paper - works every time.

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