Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Goodbye Pussycat

We had an awful day today, our sweet pussycat Blue died whilst we were taking him to the vets - he died from his asthma which we had managed to control for the past few years but this morning he just couldn't breathe any more and he died whilst Mark was holding him.  He was only six. We are just heartbroken; because we don't have children, our cats are our closest family and this has broken our hearts.  We wish we had done so many things so differently, but it doesn't change the fact that lovely Blue has died.  We buried him in the garden.
I guess there is not much else I can say about this, I can only hope we can eventually look back with happiness on his short life.   There will never be another Blue.  Goodnight Pussycat, Sweet Dreams in Pussycat Heaven x

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