Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Finding a Spark with a Creative Block

(Disclaimer: Before you get excited, these photos are of OLD work, long gone...!) Sometimes I don't make a thing.  Not so much as a pair of pliers picked up, and though I have visited my felting wool regularly (so it doesn't feel neglected), I have no desire to make anything right now.  
Creativity is frustrating at this time, because obviously, no creativity is going on.   I find this happens when my balance is disturbed, and recent events - moving my horse from his long term home and the bad feelings surrounding it seems to have done that.   Sometimes balance can be
thrown by hearing something negative or angry, for instance Mark venting about a slow delivery from a supplier or by being in the company of an angry or disturbing person.  
Is creativity really that delicate a flower, is it that shy or sensitive?  Well, certainly I can't create if I can't concentrate, but I cannot listen to music whilst working either.  Strangely, I can listen to music or audio books whilst felting, which must mean I am either not concentrating, or the process is quite separate.
So what is there to do at uncreative times?  Its time to catch up on admin, to clean the studio and workspaces (great for rediscovering stuff), look at photos of previous work, do something unrelated  (like grooming Merlin), go shopping - collecting inspiration from other designers - seeing new colours and shapes and what's currently in fashion, watching less TV.
Creativity is not something to be commanded or conjured, I can't expect it to appear between 9am and 5pm.   Conversely, sometimes there are times where ideas flow constantly - I might get up to work or make notes in the depths of night, or make notes, and I normally give in to that urge.
As much the overflow of ideas can't be controlled, the same is true of lack of them, I've learned over time to accept this.     Fundamentally, creating is good only if it is not forced, and the product is the same - if I create in a so-so mood, it shows, and then I could kick myself.
Maybe my creativity is still on holiday at Ragdale Hall, or perhaps its huddled in a corner waiting to be talked out, either way, I'd really appreciate its return if you should come across it.

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