Wednesday, 16 December 2009

New Car!!!!!!

Well, I finally took delivery of my 'new' car (well, OK, its a used new car, but its new to me!) - I was sooooo glad to get rid of that old lemon!! 

Tempered with the happiness of having a new car though was the dreadful experience of dealing with the car dealership - I have to tell you, I hate the haggling, the 'horse trading' and the downright sneaky dirty tricks they try to pull to get you to part with even MORE money - want your paintwork protected?  How about paying a fortune for wheel insurance?  No?  Then try the three months free warranty - oh, OK, thanks so much.  But you can extend your warranty by twelve months for '£X' - oh - OK - so that'll be '£X' for 15 months will it? - its still twelve months - so WHERE did my free three months go exactly?.  Yeah.  You got it.  It never existed.
Our salesperson was a particularly tenacious young woman who is probably related to a pit bull terrier who really, really, really it seemed wanted to make her bonus this month.  I nearly left and left the car behind too because I became so aggravated by her.     Having now examined the new car in the cold light of day I can see most of the paint and bodywork that was supposed to be carried out pre-purchase has either not been done or has only had minimal input - nice touch there, still, I did pay the deposit by credit card so I am giving consideration to a charge-back on that one.

Thank God I only have to do this every few years, because it could in no way be claimed to be an agreeable experience.

I'd like to thank Lookers Renault Altrincham for their care and attention as detailed above.

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