Sunday, 30 August 2009

Tiaras, Tiaras, Tiaras

The pics shown are recent work I have completed either as commissions or work I've done for the revamped Tiara website - I've been working hard, hard and hard on finishing the relaunch of Tiaraonline - why is it that as soon as you get into the home straight of something when you've worked really hard that suddenly you seem to run out of steam? Anyway, I have that in the pipeline and also I have various new jewellery pieces for SLC Designs site to go on shortly - just got to get the technical wizard to finish that for me - I did try at one point to do all that stuff myself - but I think my brain is just not wired that way and ended up that I still did the creative stuff and the photography, and Mark ended up doing the technical end; anyway, I have finished lots of new stuff for the Tiara site - including working on several fresh 'heirloom' pieces which include vintage or antique costume jewellery, making them both interesting and impossible to recreate, which I just love because I like to work on just one of something then move on!

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