Friday, 27 February 2009

Computer Problems and a Sick Horse

Apologies to anyone whom I have missed contacting recently with an explanation for my tardiness...Merlin became ill and I played nurse - he was also cared for by my wonderful vet (thanks Vicky!). He's now back to his old self though I've noticed he seems even more loving than before. I am SO happy to see my horse back to his old self again, I worried myself sick about him.

I love my HP, but you know, if there is ever a problem with something I sell (perish the thought!) I flipping well fix it and apologise and then some, but it seems computer companies don't need to treat their customers the same way...its barely a year old (and of course out of warranty now) (rant, rant, I know)...anyway...sorry to sound like a geek and a compulsive worrier (noooooo....surely not!) but that's what is going on - emergencies having been mostly dealt with, I am now back at work. Now, if I could just get round to tidying my studio....................

And the motherboard has gone on my super-duper computer AGAIN - apparently its a problem that is endemic with HP Pavilions but it seems Hewlett Packard are not so keen on acknowledging that it is a problem at I am waiting on some expensive new parts for it - I bought the computer a present of a tray that sits on your lap which has a really powerful fan powered by one of the USB ports - on top of which sits the laptop - ahhh - the relief of not having my legs burned off is wonderful.