Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Monty Roberts

How lovely to see spring sushine and flowers. I'm tidying the studio, clearing out old clutter and generally putting life and work in order.

Yesterday I went to see a demonstration by a Monty Roberts also known as 'The Horse Whisperer' whom I have long admired, with my god-children Natasha and Nicole as well as their mum, my friend Adele.
Mr. Roberts is 73; he trains horses (or maybe he trains humans) to understand each other by speaking the same language. His background was a tough one, born into a cycle of violence which he has turned

right around - he has made a huge difference to many people and horses all over the world - understanding from the horses' perspective. To come to that understanding, we need to be prepared to listen.

So in-between the work in the studio, and the cleaning and the change of the season, I am trying to make time to do other things like writing, photography and the painting I have wanted to do for ages, but felt guilty about because I should be "working". I hope that these new things will take my work in new directions... it's not called 'Spring Cleaning' for nothing.

My beautiful God-daughters Nicole and Natasha and my good friend Adele