Thursday, 28 June 2007

A Holiday in France

Just got back from a very brief holiday in the south of France during which time I did lots of new work (a holiday never being a holiday unless I take my beads with me) --- mostly working on sterling silver crocheted bracelets, cuffs, earrings and necklaces which once finished will be coming onto the site - I did some work on the site, updating its look and giving it a small makeover - I plan a larger makeover later which may (or may not) include a change of business name to be more specific to handmade jewellery and more new sections, but my next target will be extending the

stock range to include new areas and also working with some jewellery retailers and galleries who will be stocking my jewellery in their shops, whilst still keeping the website on line and up to date.

Above and Below: Bormes Les Mimosas, one of the pretty villages of the favourite place in the South of France.

Above and Below; Shopping at the local markets

The south of France was lovely; artists have flocked there over the years to paint and create as the light is so special - having said that, we saw highs of up to 35 degrees which was just a bit too much for me, resulting in my staying inside and working - thank goodness for the box of beads again!
Lots of time spent walking and looking around pretty, flower-filled villages, causing irreparable damage to my credit card, and eating too much ice cream - isn't this exactly what a holiday should be about? A few photos are shown below. And the welcome back? England at 9 degrees, in the grips of floods and cold weather - sent me racing straight back for my thermal underwear!